8  -  25 August  2018

“…The endless laughter of the seawaves…”



  • Wednesday 8th August 2018  Our Savior’s Church  “Naos Sotiros”

Alekos Vretos project
“Mediterranean Jazz”


  • Friday 10th August 2018 Our Savior’s Church  “Naos Sotiros”

“An die Musik”
Schubert:  An die Musik, transcription for cello and piano
Brahms: Sonata nr.2 in F, for cello and piano
Schubert: Trio op. 100, in Eb

Dora Bacopoulos (piano)
Akane Sakai (piano)
Christofor Miroshnikov (cello)
Giorgos Kartelias (violin)


  • Sunday 12th August 2018 Our Savior’s Church “Naos Sotiros”

“Tomorrow’s artists”
Scarlatti:  Three sonatas for piano
                    F minor K.466, D minor K.1, G major K.13
Grieg:         Sonata for violin & piano in G Major, Op. 13
Lalo:           Spanish symphony-Allegro moderato, for violin
Mozart/Kreisler:  Rondo from "Haffner serenade"
Hadjidakis: from the “Ionian Suite”, in D minor, for piano solo

Ravel :  Miroirs, for piano solo:

  1. Oiseaux Tristes
  2. Albοrada des gracioso 

 Lalo:    Spanish symphony- intermezzo, for violin
Kreisler: Tambourin Chinois, for violin and piano

Anastasia Dimitriou (violin)
Stelios Mastroyiannis (violin)
Sebastian Salvaterra (piano)


  • Thursday 16th August 2018  Iason Molfesi theater, Pacheia Rachi

“Cybele returns to Pacheia Rachi,
with songs from all over the world”

 Cybele Castoriadis (song)
Stefanos Tsapis (piano)


  • Sunday 19th August 2018  Our Savior’s Church  “Naos Sotiros”

“Shining stars”
Beethoven: String Quartet nr.3, op.18
Mozart:       Piano Quartet nr. 1
Dvorak:       Piano Quintet nr. 2, op. 81


“Selini” quartet:
Nadia Kalmykova
Liubov Kalmykova (violin)
Loredana Apetrei (viola)
Loukia Loulaki (cello)
Alexia Mouza (piano)


  • Wednesday 22nd August 2018  Our Savior’s Church “Naos Sotiros”

“Vladivostok – Paris”
Chopin:  Nocturne in C# minor op. 2.
                Polonaise nr.2 in Eb minor
                Nocturne in B
                Mazurka in A minor
                Mazurka in F minor
                Ballade nr. 4

 Dora Bacopoulos (piano)

Fauré :               “Içi-bas”
A.Rubinstein:     “Night”
Tschaikowsky:   “Noone, only the one who knew” op.6 nr.6
                          “I was not grass on the meadow” op.47 nr.7
Rachmaninov:  “The little island” op.14 nr.2
Strauss:             “Zueignung”  op.10 nr.1
Puccini:             “O mio babbino caro”
                          “Quando men vo” (La Boheme)
Lehar:               “Meine Lippen, Sie küßen so heiß” (Giuditta)

 Dora Bacopoulos (piano)
Evdokia Moisidou (soprano)


  • Friday 24th August 2018  Our Savior’s Church “Naos Sotiros”

“Dedication to French music, with an exception…”
Poulenc:      Sonata for flute and piano FP:164
Debussy:   “Estampes”, for piano
Weber/Taffanel:     Fantasia “Der Freischutz” for flute and piano
Debussy:        Trio in G , Andantino con moto allegro
Fauré:           “Sicilienne” for cello and piano, op.78
Saint-Saens: “Voliere”, “The Swan”, from the “Carnival of the animals”
H.Duparc:     “L’invitation au voyage” for flute and piano
Fauré:            “Apres un rêve” for cello and piano
Debussy:       “Il pleure dans mon coeur” for flute, cello and piano

Nefeli Mousoura (piano)
Stathis Karapanos (flute)
Jannos Giovanos (cello)


  • Saturday 25th August 2018  Avra’s beach

“Dialog between a voice and a piano”- Mediterranean Songs
Savina Yannatou
Spyros Manesis (piano)


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